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By Dimitris N. Chorafas (auth.)

This booklet explains why and the way management's effectiveness makes the adaptation among good fortune and failure, in any association. in response to large examine within the US, united kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland, the writer outlines tips on how to be powerful, what occurs in circumstances of ineffectiveness, and the explanations why management's effectiveness has to be tested in the standpoint of every company's company challenges.

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We look at capital but also beyond capital,’ said Walter Pompliano of Standard & Poor’s in a meeting in London. For instance, the factors scrutinized by S&P include: • • • • • • • • Management decisions Management actions Corporate outlook Risk appetite Risk control, to keep exposure in check Access to funding Franchise and diversification Changes taking place in risk profile. Deficiencies identified in any one of these criteria may disallow AA or better credit rating, even if the bank has complied with regulatory capital requirements.

Dr Carlo Pesenti had a similar strategy. He wanted his immediate assistants to come to executive meetings with their ideas, so to speak, virgin. He did not want their judgement compromised in preparatory meetings among themselves. Executive committee meetings were characterized by concentration on different viewpoints. ’ Neither did Dr Pesenti care that much whether the decision was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. What he was particularly after was that it should be based on thorough analysis, which considers the strengths and weaknesses of all alternatives.

Therefore, while there seems to be no apparent statistical relation between a certain level of volatility in capital adequacy ratio and credit rating, the aforementioned background factors may influence both the bank’s rating and its Tier-1 capital. This statement is valid both ways: in upgrading and in downgrading the entity’s creditworthiness. For instance, following a couple of years of bleak financial results, in the second quarter of 2003, Crédit Suisse Group continued to strengthen its capital base, due primarily to earnings generation and the sale of non-core businesses.

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