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This compact guide serves as a significant other instrument to the bigger textbook. on hand as a stand-alone booklet, a stand-alone CD-ROM, or as a package deal, the consultant deals easy access to abbreviations, drug formulary, a list of brand name names, and an inventory of gear via their use.

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69 Cutaneous lymphoma biopsy. 10x. 70 Splenic malignant lymphoma biopsy. 10x. 41 Histiocytoma is a round cell tumor seen most often in young dogs. It may spontaneously regress, but cases have been reported of multifocal lesions progressing to histiocytosis, on rare occasions even invading local lymph nodes prior to regressing. Histiocytic sarcoma is the malignant form of this tumor. Benign cutaneous histiocytoma is not reported in the cat, but progressive histiocytosis and histiocytic sarcoma are known to occur.

In the feline species behavior is unpredictable, and the completeness of the excision is likely to have the most effect on survival. 75 shows a well-differentiated tumor that exhibits deeply pigmented tumor cells in the subepidermal region. No mitotic figures are seen in the less well‐pigmented areas. 76 shows a melanoma biopsy with junctional activity (arrows). Junctional activity (nested proliferations of the ­neoplastic melanocytes) is a distinguishing feature of the melanoma. It can only be evaluated if there is intact skin present so ­submission of completely ulcerated lesions can delay definitive diagnosis in poorly differentiated tumors.

5. Sorenmo KU, Rasotto R, Zappulli V, Goldschmidt MH. Development, Anatomy, Histology, Lymphatic Drainage, Clinical Features, and Cell Differentiation Markers of Canine Mammary Gland Neoplasms. Vet Path 2011; 48:85–97. 6. Vail DM, Pinkerton ME, Young KM. Hematopoietic Tumors. In Small Animal Clinical Oncology, 5th ed. Withrow and MacEwen. 2013. Elsevier. St. Louis. 608–627. 7. Sorenmo KU, Worley DR, Goldschmidt MH. Tumors of the Mammary Gland. In Small Animal Clinical Oncology, 5th ed. Withrow and MacEwen.

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