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By Abdulaziz Sachedina

This booklet tackles the main major matters dealing with Muslims this day. Sachedina argues that we needs to reopen the doorways of non secular interpretation--to right fake interpretations, substitute superseded legislation, and formulate new doctrines. His booklet severely analyzes Muslim teachings on such matters as pluralism, civil society, warfare and peace, and violence and self-sacrifice.

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Tawhld, moreover, uniquely places God as the source of revelation (the Book) as communicated through the prophets. The prophets represented one and the same revelation, embodying different aspects of the divine will at different times. As Islam laid the foundation of its political order, however, Muslim leaders sought out particular integrative discourses that would furnish the believers with a unique identity and a practical means of asserting it through the cre- 30 THE ISLAMIC ROOTS OF DEMOCRATIC PLURALISM ation of an exclusive order based on the declaration of faith, the shahada.

Are not interested in merely reproducing the history of contextual hermeneutics; rather, they seek to undertake the more complicated task of establishing general rules of intratextual hermeneutics. Both Qutb and Tabataba'l have followed the intratextual method of elucidating the Koran (tafsir al-qur'dn hi al-qur'dn) in order to relate sometimes different parts of the Koran that strike the nonspecialist as atomistic compilations of disparate themes and to demonstrate coherence in the present structure of the text.

The statement also indicates that while this unity is justified theologically within the activity of the divine, it is best sought in the ethical sphere, which sustains relationships between peoples of faith; it is with the help of this innate ethical ability, the primordial nature (fifra) put by God in all human beings, that humanity acquires the ability to deal with the other in fairness and equity. This moral ability allows for the development of a "global ethic"13 that can provide the pluralistic basis for mediating interreligious relations among peoples of diverse spiritual commitment, enabling them to build a working consensus of values and goals.

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