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By David Schmader

The us is in the middle of a brand new Golden Age of criminal weed. leisure marijuana is now criminal in 4 states--Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska--and Washington, DC, whereas clinical marijuana is criminal in 25 states and counting. This definitive, hands-on, and skilled consultant to the recent global of decriminalized leisure marijuana, written via the lovingly blunt and unfailingly witty David Schmader, will train and entertain the amateur and skilled consumer alike. entire with heritage, how one can take pleasure in, recipes, security and legality assistance, and medical-use details, this witty consultant is ideal for present giving.

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For Lukacs the method of social science which merely reproduced the surface of social life without probing more deeply to the inner movement determining social structure and history, must always 34 end with abstract universal laws applicable to all men in all societies (eighteenth-century theories of progress, and the sociology of Comte, Spencer and Durkheim fall into this category). The growth of the division of labour within intellectual activity has further facilitated the development of theories which assert the supremacy of the part over the whole, and the monographic method in sociology has been aptly described as the most effective way of blurring connections, denying history and process and obscuring the real problem.

In The Communist Manifesto this basic contradiction is expressed in purely dichotomic terms as a conflict between proletariat and bourgeoisie; and society is characterised as splitting into 'two hostile camps' with wholly irreconcilable interests, a situation which must eventuate in civil war and the transition to socialism. Yet while Marx abstracts and isolates the labour/capital relation, he rarely discusses social classes and it is not until the third volume of Capital that the sociology of class is attempted and only then in fragmentary form.

In essence, therefore, Marx's approach is the opposite of methodological individualism and sociological phenomenology : he rejects the theory of interactions, dialectical or not, which the phenomenologists see as constituting social relationships. However, before discussing these theories in more detail it is necessary to define more precisely what is meant by totality. II For Lukacs the point of view of totality is the major distinction between Marxist and bourgeois thought, but in this he is simply wrong.

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